Self Love



‘In a society that profits from your self doubt, liking yourself is a rebellious act’

It’s important to take time for you , spend time on yourself , loving you and learning how to make yourself happy.

Make 2016 the year of you , what you want and what you like because the only person that will get you where you where you want to be is yourself.

Self love is important.

It’s a Journey.

It’s not a selfish act.

Trust yourself , you know yourself on a soul level ,and thats deeper than anyone else in this world, once you love yourself everyone else’s opinion of you just fall to the side

Were not made for anyone , we are made for ourselves and we are our own.

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Tash x

My room tour!

So after along waited time , finally my room tour! So iv mentioned that i moved rooms a few weeks ago. It was along process but it was defiantly worthed. My favorite thing is decorating and arranging my room so i did not complain when it came to that part. I got asked to do a room tour on snapchat so of course i jumped at the chance. It will mostly be pictures , I’ll try not to talk to much..The daylight was very bright this day so i tried to work best as possible with the pictures,

My room is white with a gold/rose gold theme running threw it , I’m utterly obsessed with my room right now. There’s still a few little bits have to be done but there very small, I hope you enjoy , if you have any question don’t be afraid to ask … enjoy lovelies x

So when you open my door first , this is what you see.

IMG_1862 (2)

I’m obsessed with my new rug ! Its so soft haha!

IMG_1864 (2)

This mirror is life for outfit posts!

IMG_1868IMG_1870 (2)

Opposite my mirror and beside my door is my desk/makeup area.

IMG_1873 (2)IMG_1886 (2)IMG_1887 (2)

On top i have a artificial plant , a candle and my illustration & blog name

IMG_1874 (2).jpg

On the other side iv this mirror which i love , and this magazine/book holder.


Next to my desk is the famous Alex 9 drawer which holds all my makeup.

IMG_1880 (2).jpg

On top i have my brushes so there easy to get when needed.

IMG_1884 (2)

I also have a candle , a jewelery plate holder and a plant decor piece .

IMG_1882 (2).jpg

So from the other side of the room , and behind the door (kind of) is my bed and bedside table ..When on the opposite side this is what you see.

IMG_1889 (2).jpg

I was excited to have a proper bedside table , (I’m weird i know ha ha) On top i have my lamp which i love! An artificial plant , room spray which smells amazing , A photo of my cute friends , candle …more candles and remotes for my TV.

IMG_1892 (2)IMG_1894 (2)IMG_1897 (2)

Over my bed i have two floating shelves with two photo pieces , and some decor pieces.

IMG_1899 (2).jpg

I have little rose gold lights hanging from my bed.

IMG_1902 (2).jpg

Finally my actually bed , i mostly have white covers (which isn’t ideal for a tanning junky like me haha)

IMG_1906 (2)IMG_1908 (2)

My TV is hanging on the wall behind my door , perfectly placed opposite my bed so i can watch TV in bed haha.

IMG_1914 (2).JPG

*The door at the end you see during these pictures is my bathroom which i didn’t show , just if your wondering what the door is haha.*

IMG_1922 (2).jpg

So thats my room , it was kind of hard to do in picture form but i hope it makes sense , thanks so much !! If you want to know anything just ask below , You can also message me on facebook or snapchat. Thanks for stopping by lovelies!

Do you have a theme running threw your room?

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Tash x

Primark/Penney’s beauty haul

sSo i picked up a few beauty bits from primark/penneys about two weeks ago and thought I’d do little haul.  Grab your cuppa and lets jump into it.
So I’m a big self tan junky ,but i think we all know that by now. I used st. Moritz for the longest time and then took a break to try other brands. They totally revamped there packaging and i think there formula so i decided to pick it up and give it ago again.

I also picked up the cocoa brown velvet tanning mitt. I LOVE this mitt , it’s double sided and so soft. The tan just glides onto your skin.

IMG_1996 (2).jpg
So i needed a few new powders and spotted these on my travels threw the shop, Keeley somers ( was raving about the P.S loose powder on her snapchat so had to give that a try , its been good so far , its great for under the eyes and especially for ‘baking’ (the makeup technique , not actually baking!)

Iv been using the catrice powder nearly everyday now and I’m pretty impressed with it , it locks in your foundation and adds a little bit of coverage.

I have yet to try the P.S matte powder.

IMG_1998 (2).jpg

So i obviously had to pick up more of my famous FAVOURITE lip liner , I’m forever talking about it, but i also picked up this little matte beauty , I used it a few days and the lasting power was actually surprisingly good so its got a thumbs up from me.

IMG_2007 (2)IMG_2010 (2)

Its a nice nude pink but not to pink … excuse my horrible pale arm… I’m tanning real soon i promise!.

IMG_2011 (2).jpg

Okay so this concealer has been raved about all over snapchat .. make sure your following me >lifewithtash 😉 , It’s the catrice camouflage cream concealer , i obviously had to see what the hype was about , and after using it i understand. This concealer is amazing! I really didn’t have high hopes for it but it proved me wrong! Its creamy and very blend-able but also has an amazing coverage power thats really buildable to. I like to carve my brows out with it. For the price you cant go wrong!

IMG_2014 (2)IMG_2017 (2)

I think this is newish from essence , its a contour palette and which is impressively pigmented! Drugstore brands are really upping there game with amazing products so keep your eyes peeled! Iv been using this palette and its defiantly becoming a go-to. You have a really nice contour shade , a light powder for under eye highlighting , and a peach not to orange blush.

IMG_2022 (2)IMG_2024 (2)

I’m always on the hunt for new mascaras and after laurasviews on snapchat was loving this , i wanted to try it for myself. It’s a really good mascara , it give me them long curled lashes i don’t have naturally haha!

IMG_2027 (2).jpg

Last but not least this beauty, So unfortunately the camera gives it no Justice but in person its beautiful! I picked up this makeup brush holder because look at it. I love the color , and it will be so handy for traveling or even sitting on your makeup desk.

IMG_2031 (2)IMG_2034 (2)IMG_2036 (2)IMG_2035

So i hope your cuppa got you threw all of that haha!

Have you tried any of these products? Let me know!

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Tash x